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topography & drainage

Keta municipal is a low-lying coastal plain with the highest point of only 53 metres above sea level around Abor in the north. The lowest point is approximately between 1-3.5 metres below sea level along the coast around Vodza, Kedzi and Keta township. Three main geographic belts may be identified namely the Narrow Coastal Strip, the Lagoon Basin of the middle belt and the Plains of the North.

The Coastal Strip is marked by sand bars with a few sea cliffs bordering the coast. This belt is affected by severe sea erosion the worst hit areas include Keta, Kedzikope, Vodza, Kedzi and Horvi. The general elevation of the lagoon basin is also below sea level. It is made up of lagoons and islands such as Atiavi, Alakple, Seva, Anyako and Dudu. The basin is generally marshy due to the underlying sandy-clay geological formation.

The Northern plains are generally gently undulating with a relatively higher elevation of about 50 metres above sea level. The generally low-lying nature has exposed particularly the eastern parts of the coastal strip to intense sea erosion and occasional flooding. Notwithstanding, a great irrigation potential exists.

The main drainage basins are the lagoons, which together constitutes about 362km2. The major lagoons include Keta, Angaw Agbatsivi, Logui, Nuyi and Klomi. Into this basin drains some streams and distributaries of the Volta River.

These include such streams as Angor, Avida, (near Hatorgodo), Awafla (near Awaflakpota), Nukpehui (in the north-western part of the district), Tordzie and Kplikpa. Many of the creeks are dwindling in size due to low rainfall, excessive evaporation and siltation. As a result, the volume of water in the lagoon has drastically declined and tends to fluctuate seasonally, leading to the emergence of several islands in the Keta, Angor and Agbatsivi lagoons.

The biggest among the Islands are Seva and Dudu, which are partially inhabited. The potential for water transport is not well developed, as only the slow moving local canoe is still the main vehicle.